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There are many publications written by Geo-Solutions’ Staff and other industry leaders, which focus on detailed technical aspects of Slurry Walls, In Situ Soil Mixing, Bio-Polymer Trenches, Reactive Barriers and Grouting services. In order to further educate contractors, engineers, and owners about the various specialty construction technologies offered by Geo-Solutions, we have made the following Technical Papers available for viewing and for downloading. These Technical papers delve into the complexities of soil stabilization technologies in depth.

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Specialty Equipment

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Sample Specifications

thumbnail of Sample_Spec_Deep_Soil_Mixing
Sample Spec Deep Soil Mixing
thumbnail of Sample_Spec_Jet_Grouting
Sample Spec Jet Grouting
thumbnail of Sample_Spec_Soil_Cement_Bentonite
Sample Spec Soil-Cement-Bentonite
thumbnail of Sample_Spec_Bio_Polymer_Trench_Construction
Sample Spec Bio-Polymer Trench Construction
thumbnail of Sample_Spec_Shallow_Soil_Mixing
Sample Spec Shallow Soil Mixing
thumbnail of Sample_Spec_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Trench
Sample Spec Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench
thumbnail of Sample Spec Cement-Bentonite Slurry Trench
Sample Spec Cement-Bentonite Slurry Trench
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Technical Papers

Temperature-Monitoring-and-Strength Testing
Temperature Monitoring and Strength Testing During Construction of a Cement Bentonite Slurry Cut-off Wall
Current State of the Art Installation Techniques for the In-Situ Reactive Wall Groundwater Treatment Systems
Vane Shear Tests to Evaluate In-Situ Stress State of a Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Wall
Sustainability of Vertical Barriers for Environmental Containment
Successful Grout Curtain Installation Means and Methods
Stresses in Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall
Soil Mixing and Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls for Coal Combustion Residue Sites
Pressure Grouting – A Multipurpose Solution for Dam Rehabilitation
Case Study: Installation of a Soil-Cement-Bentonite Groundwater Cutoff Wall in Argentia, NL
In-Situ Soil-Cement Mixtures
In-Situ Soil-Cement Mixtures: Definitions, Properties, and Design Considerations
Key Properties of Solidified Fly Ash
Assessment of Key Properties of Solidified Fly Ash With and Without Sodium Sulfate
3D Slope Stability
Selecting Minimum Factors of Safety for 3D Slope Stability Analyses
Subsurface Investigations
Why Strong Subsurface Investigations are so Important
Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall
Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall Lateral Deformations, Consolidation, Stress Transfer and Hydraulic Conductivity
Self-Hardening Slurries
Lessons Learned: Self-Hardening Slurries in Slurry Trenching
Construction and Monitoring of an Instrumented Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall
Temporary Earth Retention
Underwood Creek West Diversion Structure
thumbnail of 47_Cement_Bentonite_Slurry_Walls_For_Seismic_Containment_Kingston_Coal_Ash_Landfill_Rauch_2017
Cement-Bentonite Slurry Walls for Seismic Containment of the Kingston Coal Ash Landfill
thumbnail of 2_Why_Strong_Subsurface_Investigations_are_so_Important
Why Strong Subsurface Investigations are so Important
thumbnail of 1_Selecting_Minimum_Factors_of_Safety_for_3D_Slope_Stability_Analyses
Selecting Minimum Factors for Safety for 3D Slope Stability
thumbnail of 30_Soil_Mixing_for_Soft_Ground_Improvement_at_a_Landfill
Soil Mixing for Soft Ground Improvement at a Landfill
thumbnail of 28_Soil_Mix_Shear_Keys_at_Dam_Toe_in_Peat
Soil Mix Shear Keys at Dam Toe in Peat
thumbnail of 27_Assessment_of_Key_Properties_of_Solidified_Fly_Ash
Assessment of Key Properties of Solidified Fly Ash
thumbnail of 46_Construction_and_Monitoring_of_an_Instrumented_Soil_Bentonite_Cutoff_Wall
Construction and Monitoring of an Instrumented Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall
thumbnail of 45_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Trench_Cutoff_Wall_Longevity
Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall Longevity
thumbnail of 44_Design_and_Construction_of_an_Experimental_Soil_Bentonite_Cutoff_Wall
Design and Construction of an Experimental Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall
thumbnail of 43_Self_Hardening_Slurries_in_Slurry_Trenching
Self Hardening Slurries in Slurry Trenching
thumbnail of 42_Evaluation_of_Soil_Bentonite_Backfill_Consolidation_Properties
Evaluation of Soil-Bentonite Backfill Consolidation Properties
thumbnail of 41_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Trench_Cutoff_Lateral_Deformations
Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Lateral Deformations
thumbnail of 9_Permeable_Reactive_Barrier_Installation_by_the_Bio_Polymer_Method_Needham_MA
Permeable Reactive Barrier Installation by the Bio-Polymer Method Needham MA
thumbnail of 15_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Trench_Cutoff_Wall_Longevity
Soil Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall Longevity
thumbnail of 5_Prediction_of_Earth_Pressures_in_Soil-Bentonite
Prediction of Earth Pressures in Soil-Bentonite
thumbnail of 11_Soil_Nail_Excavation_Support
Soil Nail Excavation Support
thumbnail of 10_Jet_Grout_Excavation_Support
Jet Grout Excavation Support
thumbnail of 9_Flyash_Injection
Flyash Injection
thumbnail of 8_Grouting_to_Correct_Coal_Mine_Pollution
Grouting to Correct Coal Mine Pollution
thumbnail of 7_Flyash_to_Solve_Coal_Mine_Subsidence
Flyash to Solve Coal Mine Subsidence
thumbnail of 6_High_Volume_Grouting
High Volume Grouting
thumbnail of 5_Jet_Grouting_Soilcrete_Wall_Twin_System
Jet Grouting Soilcrete Wall Twin System
thumbnail of 4_Installation_Grout_Curtain_Landfil
Installation Grout Curtain Landfill
thumbnail of 3_Compaction_Grouting_Stops_Settlement_Water_Treatment_Plant
Compaction Grouting Stops Settlement Water Treatment Plant
thumbnail of 2_Stabilization_Using_Jet_Grouting
Stabilization Using Jet Grouting
thumbnail of 1_Long_Distance_Grouting_Materials_Methods
Long Distance Grouting Materials Methods
thumbnail of 8_Geotechnical_Techniques_for_the_Construction_of_Reactive_Barriers
Geotechnical Techniques for the Construction of Reactive Barriers
thumbnail of 7_In_Situ_Reactive_Wall_Groundwater_Treatment_Systems
In-Situ Reactive Wall Groundwater Treatment Systems
thumbnail of 6_Funnel_and_Gate_Constructed_by_Slurry_Trench_Methods
Funnel and Gate Constructed by Slurry Trench Methods
thumbnail of 5_Permeable_Reactive_Barrier_Installation
Permeable Reactive Barrier Installation
thumbnail of 4_Installation_of_Permeable_Reactive_Barriers
Installation of Permeable Reactive Barriers
thumbnail of 3_Zero_Valent_Iron_PRB
Zero Valent Iron PRB
thumbnail of 2_First_Permeable_Reactive_Barrier_in_Italy
First Permeable Reactive Barrier in Italy
thumbnail of 1_Excavators_for_the_Emplacement_of_a_PRB
Excavators for the Emplacement of a PRB
thumbnail of 6_Installation_of_a_Deep_Drainage_Trench
Installation of a Deep Drainage Trench
thumbnail of 5_Innovative_Slurry_Trench_Methods
Innovative Slurry Trench Methods
thumbnail of 3_A_Bio_Polymer_Drain_Solution
A Bio Polymer Drain Solution
thumbnail of 2_Innovative_Use_of_Bio_Polymers
Innovative Use of Bio Polymers
thumbnail of 1_Passive_NAPL_Barrier_Design_and_Construction
Passive NAPL Barrier Design and Construction
thumbnail of 26_Stabilization_and_Solidification_Manual_of_Practice
Stabilization and Solidification Manual of Practice
thumbnail of 25_ISS Bench Scale Studies and Field Scale Monitoring
ISS Bench Scale Studies and Field Scale Monitoring
thumbnail of 24_Closure_Steel_Facility_Disposal_Pond
Closure Steel Facility Disposal Pond
thumbnail of 23_Deep_Mixing_Methods_Excavation
Deep Mixing Methods Excavation
thumbnail of 22_Recent_Soil_Mixing_Applications_Transportation_Industry
Recent Soil Mixing Applications Transportation Industry
thumbnail of 21_In_Situ_Stabilization_Geiger_Superfund
In-Situ Stabilization Geiger Superfund.
thumbnail of 20_Solidification_Stabilization_Soils_Sludges
Solidification Stabilization Soils Sludges
thumbnail of 19_Using_Solidification_Stabilization_Treatment
Using Solidification Stabilization Treatment
thumbnail of 18_DSM_Wall_Excavation_Support
DSM Wall Excavation Support
thumbnail of 17_Deep_Soil_Mixing_Method_Comparison
Deep Soil Mixing Method Comparison
thumbnail of 16_Deep_Soil_Mixing_Jackson_Lake_Dam
Deep Soil Mixing Jackson Lake Dam
thumbnail of 15_Solidification_Stabilization_of_Wastes
Solidification Stabilization of Wastes
thumbnail of 14_Soil_Mixing_for_Soil_Improvement
Soil Mixing for Soil Improvement
thumbnail of 13_In_Situ_Stabilization_Fixation_of_Contaminated_Soils
In-Situ Stabilization Fixation of Contaminated Soils
thumbnail of 12_Remediation_of_Oil_Refinery_Sludge_Basin
Remediation of Oil Refinery Sludge Basin
thumbnail of 11_Containment_Stabilization_Treatment_of_Contaminated_Soils
Containment Stabilization Treatment of Contaminated Soils
thumbnail of 10_Comparison_of_In_Situ_Soil_Mixing_Treatments
Comparison of In-Situ Soil Mixing Treatments
thumbnail of 9_Reinforcement_of_Soft_Soils_by_Soil_Mixing
Reinforcement of Soft Soils by Soil Mixing
thumbnail of 8_Treatment_at_a_Former_MGP_Site
Treatment at a Former MGP Site
thumbnail of 7_Assessment_of_Laboratory_Leaching_Tests
Assessment of Laboratory Leaching Tests
thumbnail of 6_Deep_Mixing_Execution_Monitoring_and_Quality_Control
Deep Mixing Execution Monitoring and Quality Control
thumbnail of 5_Compatibility_Evaluation
Compatibility Evaluation
thumbnail of 4_Soil_Mixing_for_Excavation_Support
Soil Mixing for Excavation Support
thumbnail of 3_Soil_Mixing_with_Various_Reagents
Soil Mixing with Various Reagents
thumbnail of 2_In_Situ_Remediation_Using_Soil_Mixing
In-Situ Remediation Using Soil Mixing
thumbnail of 1_Soil_Mixing_in_Contaminated_Soils
Soil Mixing in Contaminated Soils
thumbnail of 40_In_Trench_Filter_Press_Paper
The Use of Filter Press Tests in Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Construction
thumbnail of 39_Water_Content_in_a_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Trench_Cutoff_Wall
Long Term In Situ Measurements of the Volumetric Water Content in Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall
thumbnail of 38_Strength and Stress Estimation Using Cone Penetration Test Data
Strength and Stress Estimation Using Cone Penetration Test Data
thumbnail of 37_Construction_of_a_Soil_Cement_Bentonite_Slurry_Wall
Construction of a Soil Cement Bentonite Slurry Wall
thumbnail of 36_Self_Hardening_Slurry_Cutoff_Wall
Self Hardening Slurry Cutoff Wall
thumbnail of 35_Calibration_of_a_Slump_Cone
Calibration of a Slump Cone
thumbnail of 34_Slurry_Wall_Backfill_Mixes
Slurry Wall Backfill Mixes
thumbnail of 33_Barrier_Wall_Installation_Using_the_Vibrated_Beam
Barrier Wall Installation Using the Vibrated Beam
thumbnail of 32_Slurry_Cutoff_Wall_Design_and_Construction
Slurry Cutoff Wall Design and Construction
thumbnail of 31_Slurry_Cutoff_Wall_Design_Parameters
Slurry Cutoff Wall Design Parameters
thumbnail of 30_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Cutoff_Walls
Soil Bentonite Slurry Cutoff Walls
thumbnail of 29_Slurry_Cutoff_Walls_Methods_and_Applications
Slurry Cutoff Walls Methods and Applications
thumbnail of 28_Slurry_Cutoff_Wall_Applications
Slurry Cutoff Wall Applications
thumbnail of 27_Cement_Bentonite_Cutoff_Walls
Cement Bentonite Cutoff Walls
thumbnail of 26_Groundwater_Containment_Strategies
Groundwater Containment Strategies
thumbnail of 25_Hazardous_Waste_Threatens_Groundwater
Hazardous Waste Threatens Groundwater
thumbnail of 24_Slurry_Cutoff_Walls
Slurry Cutoff Walls
thumbnail of 23_Evaluation_of_Cement_Bentonite_Slurry_Wall_Mix_Design
Evaluation of Cement Bentonite Slurry Wall Mix Design
thumbnail of 22_Vertical_Barriers_for_Pollution_Containment
Vertical Barriers for Pollution Containment
thumbnail of 21_Compatibility_of_Slurry_Cutoff_Wall_Materials
Compatibility of Slurry Cutoff Wall Materials
thumbnail of 20_Installation_of_a_HDPE_Curtain
Installation of a HDPE Curtain
thumbnail of 19_Installation_of_a_Soil_Bentonite_Cutoff_Wall
Installation of a Soil Bentonite Cutoff Wall
thumbnail of 18_Installation_of_a_Composite_Slurry_Wall
Installation of a Composite Slurry Wall
thumbnail of 17_Subsurface_Engineered_Barriers
Subsurface Engineered Barriers
thumbnail of 16_Innovative_Slurry_Trench_Methods
Innovative Slurry Trench Methods
thumbnail of 15_Soil_Cement_Bentonite_Slurry_Walls
Soil Cement Bentonite Slurry Walls
thumbnail of 14_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Wall_Specifications
Soil Bentonite Slurry Wall Specifications
thumbnail of 13_Strength_Behavior_of_Soil_Bentonite
Strength Behavior of Soil Bentonite
thumbnail of 12_Considerations for the Use of Slurry Walls
Considerations for the Use of Slurry Walls
thumbnail of 11_Vertical Groundwater Barriers
Vertical Groundwater Barriers
thumbnail of 10_Soil_Bentonite_Cutoff_Walls
Soil Bentonite Cutoff Walls
thumbnail of 9_Strength_Permeability_of_a_Deep_Soil_Bentonite_Slurry_Wall
Strength and Permeability of a Deep Soil Bentonite Slurry Wall
thumbnail of 8_Watkins_Dam_Modification_Cement_Bentonite
Watkins Dam Modification Cement Bentonite
thumbnail of 7_Reevaluation_of_the_State_of_Stress_in_Soil_Bentonite
Reevaluation of the State of Stress in Soil Bentonite
thumbnail of 2_Long_Term_In_Situ_Measurements_Soil_Bentonite
Long Term In Situ Measurements Soil Bentonite
thumbnail of 3_Evaluations_of_Lateral_Earth_Pressure_in_Soil_Bentonite
Evaluations of Lateral Earth Pressure in Soil Bentonite
thumbnail of 4_Composite_Slurry_Wall_and_Liner
Composite Slurry Wall and Liner
thumbnail of 6_In_Situ_Evaluation_of_a_Shallow_Soil_Bentonite
In Situ Evaluation of a Shallow Soil Bentonite
thumbnail of 1_Construction_and_In_Situ_Hydraulic_Conductivity_Evaluation
Construction and In Situ Hydraulic Conductivity Evaluation
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