Pipe Grouting

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Abandonment grouting, in some cases referred to as pipeline grouting or pipe grouting, describes a specialized application of grouting wherein a cementitious grout or slurry is used to fill (abandon) pipelines in place.  This technique is used to avoid long term deterioration of the pipe that may lead to subsidence.  This technique continues to be applied to increasingly complex problems due to its relative cost effectiveness compared to traditional methods of abandoning pipelines, like excavation and removal.  Grouting techniques used for pipeline grouting can also be used to fill other subsurface structures like voids, abandoned mines, or tunnels.


Geo-Solutions has an in-depth knowledge of material flow properties and can design grouts / slurries to abandon long, large or small diameter pipelines with a limited number of pumping / venting / monitoring points.

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Pipe Grouting
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