Levees and Dams

services slurry cement bentonite meldahl levees and dams foster2-kyGeo-Solutions has over 30 years of experience with levees and dams.

Levees are man-made structures, usually an earthen embankment, designed and constructed to contain, control or divert the flow of water in order to provide protection from temporary flooding. A levee is built parallel to a body of water (most often a river) to protect the lives and properties behind it. There are currently thousands of miles of levees across the country providing some level of protection for millions of people. No levee provides full protection from flooding – even the best flood-control structure cannot completely eliminate the risk of flooding. But there are constant efforts being made by a variety of organizations to reduce that risk and keep levees operating efficiently.

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Case Studies Involving Levees and Dams

Miami, FL – Cutoff Wall

Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall (CB) 8.5 SMA Limited Curtain Wall Miami, Florida Project Features: Cement-Bentonite Slurry Wall 12,155 Linear Feet. 760,000 Square Feet. Maximum of 80-feet deep Target Average Permeability of 9 x 10-6 cm/s Target Average Unconfined Compression Strength 10 psi Background: Levee L-357W cutoff wall was constructed by the US Army Corp of Engineers... read more
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Ogden, UT: Slurry Wall Installation and Bio-Polymer Drain A.V. Watkins Dam

Slurry Wall Dimensions:      CB wall: 1,569,741 sf, 3 feet wide, maximum depth of 68 feet Biopolymer Drain Dimensions: 500 lf, 3 feet wide, maximum depth of 18 feet Description of Work: The Willard Reservoir was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation from 1957 – 1964.  The dam surrounding the reservoir is approximately... read more
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Marysville, CA: Yuba River Levee Repairs – Phase IV

SCB Slurry Wall Dimensions: 225,000 sf, maximum depth of 80 feet Description of Work: This project is one of series of slurry walls that Geo-Solutions has participated in for the flood protection of the Cities of Marysville, Yuba City, and Sacramento, California.  This area is at high risk of flood damage,... read more
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Foster, KY: Meldahl Hydroelectric Project Slurry Wall

Significant Project Features: Cutoff wall for cofferdam construction 3,575 feet long wall installed using cement-bentonite slurry Pre-trenching completed to clear obstructions Installed to depths up to 80 feet using track-mounted hydraulic excavator Background: Geo-Solutions was contracted to install a Cement-Bentonite cutoff wall.  The cutoff wall was designed as part of the... read more
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East Hartford, CT: FEMA Accreditation Project

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions was contracted to modify a levee owned by the Town of East Hartford, Connecticut under the purview of the United States Army Corps of Engineers District Baltimore.  This project consisted of the installation of a 3,700-foot, soil-bentonite slurry wall constructed to depths exceeding 65 feet.  The project... read more
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Piqua, OH: Lockington Dam Foundation Pressure Grouting

Project Features: Two-Line Grout Curtain Fully documented, real-time, automated, grouting parameter monitoring and recording Remediation of earthen embankment dam and underlying rock foundation Pressure Grouting of soil and rock Used a suite of low to high mobility balanced, stable grouts Installed grout holes through sensitive impervious dam core Background: This project... read more
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Sacramento, CA: Mayhew Levee and Drain

Description of Work: The Mayhew Levee is located along American River in Sacramento, and is in place to protect the neighborhood to the south.  The Mayhew Levee Raising and Drain project is designed to improve and increase the capacity of the levee and to replace the Mayhew Drain structure at the... read more
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Santa Clara, CA: Gateway Composite Barrier Wall-Phase 1

Significant Project Features: Installation of soil-cement-bentonite cutoff wall 1,550 feet in length to an average depth of 15 feet with an 80 mil HDPE vapor barrier. Value engineered the use of overlapping HDPE panels instead of using more expensive interlocking panels. Site had a limited work area necessitating off-site preparation... read more
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Empire, CO: Guanella Reservoir Dam

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions installed a slurry wall through and under a new embankment dam.  The slurry wall was part of a larger reservoir project to create municipal water storage for the City of Golden Colorado.  The dam encloses a former gravel pit. The slurry wall is a total of approximately 125,000... read more
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Junction, UT: Bio-Polymer Slurry Drainage Trench at Piute Dam

Bio-Polymer trench:  13,200 SF, 35 feet deep HDPE Vertical Liner Installation:  17,700 SF, 35 feet deep Description of Work: This project was awarded the Association of State Dam Safety Officials 2005 “National Rehabilitation Project of the Year”. Trench excavation was accomplished with a 3-foot wide bucket specifically designed for difficult excavations, at the... read more
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Alpine, UT: Tibble Fork Dam Reconstruction

Significant Project Features: Installation of Slag-Cement, Cement Bentonite (SCCB) wall Maximum digging depth 76 feet 800 Linear feet of cutoff wall Worked around a live wet well in the middle of the trench Remote project location in a mountain valley Excavated through a hard cemented conglomerate above the key... read more
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Spring Grove, PA: Pahagaco Dam Improvements – Grout Curtain Installation

Project Features: Single-Line Grout Curtain Pressure grouting of rock and weathered rock/soil overburden Drilling through dam embankment soil and casing High-speed coring through spillway structure Used a suite of low to high mobility balanced, stable grouts Background: The Pahagaco Lake and Dam was formerly used to supply water to the Glatfelter Paper... read more
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Kingston, TN: Kingston Ash Recovery Project Perimeter Wall Stabilization

Significant Project Features: Slag-Cement, Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Walls Containment of Impounded Coal Fly Ash Complex Wall Geometry 4-foot Wide Trenches Key-in to Shale Bedrock 100% Self-Performed Background and Objectives: A dike failure at the Kingston Fossil Plant on Dec. 22, 2008 released an estimated 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash from a... read more
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Hartsel, CO: Antero Dam Rehabilitation Phase III

Significant Project Features: Soil-Bentonite Slurry Wall Excavation through an active dam 3,860 linear feet, 158,000 square feet, maximum depth of 47 feet Backfill Target Laboratory Permeability of 1 x 10-7 cm/s Backfill Target Laboratory Gradations of greater than 25% fines passing through #200 sieve Remote mixing of soil-bentonite backfill ... read more
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Covington, KY: Ground Improvement Using Deep Soil Mixing Shear Walls

Significant Project Features: In-situ mixing of soft soils at the toe of the Licking River Levee as part of the rehabilitation of an existing slide. Installation of multiple shear panels each consisting of overlapping large diameter soil mixed columns. Configuration and spacing designed in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration... read more
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Cuney, TX: Cherokee Tree Farm South Lake Dam

Significant Project Features: Slag-Cement, Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Walls 3-foot Wide Trenches 15-ft Key-in to Queen City Sand Formation Background and Objectives: The Cherokee Tree Farm South Lake Dam was authorized for construction on August 25, 2008.  The authorized surface area of the South Lake is 287.8 acres impounding 2,869 acre-feet of water.... read more
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