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Geo-Solutions regularly performs work for public and private sector clients engaged in the improvement of existing or construction of new infrastructure on transportation and other types of development projects.  Geo-Solutions maintains strong relationships with many of the larger general contractors or construction managers that are typically involved in these sorts of projects, but Geo-Solutions has also been engaged directly by Owners and public agencies too.  Work in these industries ranges from ground improvement for new construction to environmental remediation prior to site development.

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Infrastructure Case Studies

Waycross, GA – Funnel and Gate

LSA Funnel and Reactive Gate CSX Transportation Waycross Railyard Waycross, GA  Significant Project Features:  Funnel and gate project using a one-pass trenching and Large Diameter Auger (LDA) methods. One-pass trenching 30’ deep utilizing either bentonite or Portland cement in designated areas. One-pass trenching the entire length of the funnel and gate wall. LDA... read more
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Oelwein, IA: Slag Cement, Cement-Bentonite Slurry-Supported Excavation

Slag Cement, Cement-Bentonite Slurry-Supported Excavation Former Power House Area Excavation Significant Project Features: • Excavation of contaminated non-hazardous soil using cement-bentonite (CB) slurry • Overburden excavation and demolition of various concrete structures located within the targeted excavation area • LNAPL Collection System • Disposal of impacted soil and debris • Placement, compaction and testing of onsite and... read more
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Cheyenne, WY: Containment Wall and Groundwater Extraction Trench

Soil-Bentonite (SB) Slurry Wall, Bio-polymer (BP) collection trench Vulcan PERC SBCW Project Cheyenne, Wyoming Significant Project Features: • Soil-Bentonite Slurry Wall • Bio-polymer Slurry Wall • Upgrades to existing groundwater treatment facility • SBCW: 1348 Linear Feet. 64,849.7 Square Feet. Maximum of 50.5-feet deep • GWET: 232 Linear Feet. 10,021.0 Square Feet. Maximum of 48-feet deep • Target Average... read more
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Panhandle Energy SR 91 Relocation Project

Pipe Grouting Dimensions:  57,300 feet of 18-inch and 24-inch pipelines Description of Work: Geo-Solutions completed a pipe adbandoment project of existing gas pipelines that was positioned parallel to the Florida turnpike (SR 91).  A new 36-inch pipeline is being installed along the turnkpike and the old pipline needed to be properly... read more
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Ashtabula, OH: Bio-Polymer Drain Reserve, Environmental Services, Inc.

Bio-Polymer Trench Dimensions: Two trenches totaling 1,135 linear feet.  Each trench was 27 feet deep x 2 feet wide. Description of Work: Geo-Solutions installed two bio-polymer trenches for collecting and treating groundwater around a landfill.  There were numerous sources of leachate around the landfill that were creating locations of contaminated water.  The... read more
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Ogden, UT: Slurry Wall Installation and Bio-Polymer Drain A.V. Watkins Dam

Slurry Wall Dimensions:      CB wall: 1,569,741 sf, 3 feet wide, maximum depth of 68 feet Biopolymer Drain Dimensions: 500 lf, 3 feet wide, maximum depth of 18 feet Description of Work: The Willard Reservoir was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation from 1957 – 1964.  The dam surrounding the reservoir is approximately... read more
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Brisbane, Australia: Slurry Wall Construction and Vacuum Trial Area

Slurry Wall Dimensions: 16,500 square meters, an average depth of 16 meters, and a width of 800 mm Description of Work: The Port of Brisbane is a series of man-made paddocks that were created by dredging up river mud.  For this project, the purpose of the cutoff wall was to improve the... read more
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Marysville, CA: Yuba River Levee Repairs – Phase IV

SCB Slurry Wall Dimensions: 225,000 sf, maximum depth of 80 feet Description of Work: This project is one of series of slurry walls that Geo-Solutions has participated in for the flood protection of the Cities of Marysville, Yuba City, and Sacramento, California.  This area is at high risk of flood damage,... read more
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East Hartford, CT: FEMA Accreditation Project

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions was contracted to modify a levee owned by the Town of East Hartford, Connecticut under the purview of the United States Army Corps of Engineers District Baltimore.  This project consisted of the installation of a 3,700-foot, soil-bentonite slurry wall constructed to depths exceeding 65 feet.  The project... read more
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Piqua, OH: Lockington Dam Foundation Pressure Grouting

Project Features: Two-Line Grout Curtain Fully documented, real-time, automated, grouting parameter monitoring and recording Remediation of earthen embankment dam and underlying rock foundation Pressure Grouting of soil and rock Used a suite of low to high mobility balanced, stable grouts Installed grout holes through sensitive impervious dam core Background: This project... read more
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Irving, TX: Hunter Ferrell Landfill

Significant Project Features: Three-foot wide cutoff wall installed using single auger Deep Soil Mixing Bentonite slurry mixed used for drilling and mixing Installed using track-mounted hydraulic drill rig 744 foot wall installed to tie together 2 existing slurry walls Installation of flood berm over barrier wall Background: Geo-Solutions was contracted by The... read more
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Sacramento, CA: Mayhew Levee and Drain

Description of Work: The Mayhew Levee is located along American River in Sacramento, and is in place to protect the neighborhood to the south.  The Mayhew Levee Raising and Drain project is designed to improve and increase the capacity of the levee and to replace the Mayhew Drain structure at the... read more
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Selma, VA: Leachate Interceptor Trench Kim-Stan Landfill

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions completed a leachate interceptor trench via the bio-polymer trenching method at the Kim-Stan Landfill in Selma, Virginia.  The interceptor trenches were installed as part of the landfill closure, to intercept and collect and treat leachate generated from the landfill and channel it into a treatment system. The... read more
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Bartonville, IL: Pond Embankment Improvements

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions successfully completed pond embankment improvements at a plant for a client located in Bartonville, Illinois.  The pond embankments were part of the fly ash management program and were designed to minimize off-site seepage of process water.  The embankment improvements included installation of a cement-bentonite vertical barrier... read more
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Baltimore, MD: East Chase Street Jet Grouting

Description of Work: Completed during the spring of 2003, the East Chase Street Excavation Support project involved the installation of jet-grouted beam walls around an area of damaged sanitary sewer line.  Beam walls were constructed by inserting steel beams into jet-grouted columns.  The beams were lowered into the freshly installed columns... read more
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Empire, CO: Guanella Reservoir Dam

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions installed a slurry wall through and under a new embankment dam.  The slurry wall was part of a larger reservoir project to create municipal water storage for the City of Golden Colorado.  The dam encloses a former gravel pit. The slurry wall is a total of approximately 125,000... read more
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