Why Geo-Solutions

Unrivaled depth of experience

Geo-Solutions has consciously chosen to stay focused on a small set of specialty techniques. This defines Geo-Solutions in a number of ways, but one visible way is that all Geo-Solutions’ people are very experienced in the work that we do. At a senior level, there is a combined 150+ years’ experience in the executive group, 150+ years’ experience at the Project Manager level, and over 300 years’ experience at the Superintendent level. All of this experience was earned in the geotechnical / environmental construction industries and the vast majority was earned on projects involving (focused on) Geo-Solutions’ core competencies, slurry trenching (soil-bentonite, cement-bentonite, soil-cement-bentonite), soil mixing(stabilization/solidification, ISCO, ISCR, geotechnical, steam enhanced), and various grouting techniques (jet grouting, pipe grouting, permeation grouting, dam grouting).  With all projects involving a corporate sponsor, a project manager, and a superintendent, all Geo-Solutions’ projects are supported by a team with a combined 50 to 100 years’ experience. There is no replacement for this kind of experience. Geo-Solutions’ experience extends beyond these groups to devoted individuals in the administrative, yard/shop, quality control, safety, and field crew (operators, laborers) groups – all of which are full of individuals with years, in many cases decades, of experience in this industry and with this company.

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Expansive specialty equipment fleet

The aggregate value of Geo-Solutions’ owned equipment fleet relative to its size is impressive. Geo-Solutions has specifically invested in the key and hard to secure pieces of equipment needed for its work, for example soil mixing drills, jet grouting drills, and large excavators. In addition to these pieces, Geo-Solutions owns considerable support equipment and tools that are not commercially available, or have limited availability, for rent like batch plants, soil mixing augers, and long sticks. Geo-Solutions also owns a variety of other support equipment, e.g., pumps, buckets, smaller excavators, loaders, and trucks and its common to see multiple backups of this smaller equipment on Geo-Solutions’ jobsites.

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Exceptional level of senior support of projects

All Geo-Solutions’ projects are assigned a Corporate Sponsor, a role that is only filled by the CEO, President, or a Vice President. The Corporate Sponsor provides senior level support to the Project Manager and Superintendent to help avoid mistakes and oversights and to help troubleshoot issues as they inevitably arise. Geo-Solutions specifically keeps the individuals in charge of Quality Control and Safety out of this role to provide unbiased support of all Geo-Solutions’ projects.

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Complimentary capabilities

Geo-Solutions’ technologies purposely complement each other well. This is a natural development of the need to deploy multiple technologies on the same project site, which Geo-Solutions has embraced. One such example is the use of jet grouting to supplement soil mixing or slurry trenching. Another example would include slurry trenching for multiple site objectives, for instance low and high flow barrier installation. Few other companies can do the things that Geo-Solutions does at the level Geo-Solutions can and few other companies offer so many of the spin-offs and method variations that Geo-Solutions does for slurry trenching and soil mixing.

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Problem solving ability

Drawing from our deep experience, Geo-Solutions is uniquely qualified to troubleshoot complicated situations. The best problem solving comes from having seen the problem before and Geo-Solutions has seen it all before.

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Devoted yard / shop facility and staff

Geo-Solutions has a large shop facility including multiple yards and a devoted staff. This is not common for a company of Geo-Solutions size and affords Geo-Solutions the ability to maintain, repair, and troubleshoot its equipment with in-house resources that are always available. This helps to mitigate issues and reduce downtime when unforeseen issues occur.

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Strong financial backing

As a portfolio company of Blue Sage Capital, Geo-Solutions has access to resources that would not normally be accessible to a company of Geo-Solutions’ size. Blue Sage provides Geo-Solutions assistance with banking / corporate finance, taxation, and risk management through strategic planning and corporate budgeting assistance.

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