Soil Mixing

Soil Mixing – Over 40 Years of Experience

Geo-Solutions offers state-of-the-art soil mixing techniques that can be used to solve geotechnical, environmental, or geoenvironmental construction needs.  On environmental remediation projects, Geo-Solutions can offer numerous solutions to remediate soil and wastes in-situ, including In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization (often referred to as ISS or S/S), In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), or In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR). On geotechnical projects, Geo-Solutions can offer soil mixing solutions to accomplish liquefaction potential reduction, bearing capacity improvement, slope stability improvement, or methods for the installation of excavation support systems.  Since most underground projects involve a geotechnical and environmental component, Geo-Solutions is well versed in the interplay between these two disciplines, often termed geoenvironmental, and has numerous soil mixing techniques suitable for solving problems in this complicated area.  Soil mixing has been a cost effective solution for solving environmental and geotechnical problems for nearly 3 decades and its use continues to increase as Owners and Engineers realize the technical benefits and cost savings of soil mixing relative to other available options, e.g. excavation and disposal.

Geo-Solutions soil mixing construction solutions can be used on shallow sites (~2’ to ~20’ below grade) and deep sites (~20’ to ~100’ below grade).  The terms and acronyms Shallow Soil Mixing (SSM) and Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) are often used in the industry to describe soil mixing applications at different depths.  Geo-Solutions can perform soil mixing in-situ using excavator bucket mixing, rotary tool mixing, single auger mixing, multi-auger mixing, and chain (trencher) mixing.  Geo-Solutions is also capable of performing soil mixing ex-situ when site needs dictate.  Ex-situ mixing can be performed on open ground or in controlled volume mix containers using excavator buckets or rotary tools.  Geo-Solutions owns all of the specialty equipment needed for the successful completion of soil mixing, including custom modified caisson type drill rigs on tracked chassis, custom drill rigs designed for crane mounted systems, a chain type soil mixing machine on a tracked chassis (the Geo-Trencher), rotary mixing heads, and numerous batch type, automated, and continuous mix batch plants.

Contact Geo-Solutions today about your project and we will discuss how soil mixing can be used to solve your soil or groundwater problem.

Soil Mixing Applications

Steam Enhanced Soil Mixing

Steam enhanced soil mixing can be used to perform thermal remediation by injection of hot air and steam.

soil mixing barrier-walls

Barrier Walls

Need barrier walls to help control the spread of contaminants?

soil mixing excavation-structural-support

Excavation/Structural Support

Learn how Geo-Solutions can increase bearing capacity and reduce movement when soil mixing.

soil mixing zero-valent-iron

Zero Valent Iron

Zero valent iron aids in reducing the contaminants to less harmful constituents it is used with bentonite slurry to reduce the permeability therefore reducing the flow of contaminants.

soil mixing geotechnical


Geotechnical soil mixing is used in settlement control of soft soils supporting embankments, stabilize critical slopes, form a composite gravity structure to support excavations.

soil mixing excavator-mixing

Excavator Mixing

Seeking soil mixing at shallow depths? Excavator mixing may be your most cost effective method.

soil mixing in-situ-soil-stabilization-solidification

In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification

Geo-Solutions has been a leader in the In-Situ Treatment / Stabilization / Solidification of Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) wastes using a variation of In-Situ Soil Mixing methods.

soil mixing in-situ-chemical-oxidation

In-Situ Chemical Oxidation

By injecting reactive chemicals, Geo-Solutions can help destroy contaminants where they reside.

soil mixing in-situ chemical reduction

In-Situ Chemical Reduction

Learn more how in-situ chemical reduction can save you time and money by changing contaminants to less toxic forms.

application feature rotary tool mixing

Rotary Tool Mixing

In this method, the soils are often pre-excavated with a conventional excavator as grout is added to the mixing “cell”.

Large Diameter Auger (LDA)

The acronym LDA is used by industry professionals in multiple applications.  In some cases, LDA is used to refer to the practice of performing discrete excavations using an auger, possibly referred to as LDA excavation. In other cases, the term LDA is used to broadly describe soil mixing performed with large augers, possibly referred to as LDA soil mixing.  Finally, the acronym can be used to refer to steam treatment performed with augers, possibly referred to as LDA treatment.

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    Soil Mixing Videos

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    Soil Mixing Equipment

    Geo-Solutions is able to furnish the following necessary specialty equipment for soil mixing services.

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    Sample Specifications of Soil Mixing

    The following are sample specifications of Soil Mixing. This is a unique resource for use by owners and engineers that find themselves faced with problems on their sites.

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    Technical Papers on Soil Mixing

    There are many publications written by Geo-Solutions’ Staff and other industry leaders, which focus on detailed technical aspects of Soil Mixing.

    thumbnail of 22_Recent_Soil_Mixing_Applications_Transportation_Industry
    Recent Soil Mixing Applications Transportation Industry
    thumbnail of 21_In_Situ_Stabilization_Geiger_Superfund
    In-Situ Stabilization Geiger Superfund.
    thumbnail of 20_Solidification_Stabilization_Soils_Sludges
    Solidification Stabilization Soils Sludges
    thumbnail of 19_Using_Solidification_Stabilization_Treatment
    Using Solidification Stabilization Treatment
    thumbnail of 18_DSM_Wall_Excavation_Support
    DSM Wall Excavation Support
    thumbnail of 17_Deep_Soil_Mixing_Method_Comparison
    Deep Soil Mixing Method Comparison
    thumbnail of 16_Deep_Soil_Mixing_Jackson_Lake_Dam
    Deep Soil Mixing Jackson Lake Dam
    thumbnail of 15_Solidification_Stabilization_of_Wastes
    Solidification Stabilization of Wastes
    thumbnail of 14_Soil_Mixing_for_Soil_Improvement
    Soil Mixing for Soil Improvement
    thumbnail of 13_In_Situ_Stabilization_Fixation_of_Contaminated_Soils
    In-Situ Stabilization Fixation of Contaminated Soils
    thumbnail of 12_Remediation_of_Oil_Refinery_Sludge_Basin
    Remediation of Oil Refinery Sludge Basin
    thumbnail of 11_Containment_Stabilization_Treatment_of_Contaminated_Soils
    Containment Stabilization Treatment of Contaminated Soils
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