Permeable Reactive Barriers

A Leading Installer of Permeable Reactive Barriers

Geo-Solutions is a leading installer of permeable reactive barrier walls (PRBs), a highly specialized type of slurry wall construction which is an economical alternative for applying chemical reagents to contaminated groundwater. PRB Walls are constructed as permeable barriers placed perpendicular to groundwater flow. They can be installed using the biopolymer slurry trenching (BP Trench) method, shallow soil mixing or conventional open-cut trenching. Our installation techniques permit the construction of PRB walls at depths of 70 feet or more even under high groundwater conditions. Geo-Solutions can install PRB walls in virtually any geology, usually without dewatering, use of sheeting, shoring, or the necessity of having personnel inside the trench.

Permeable Reactive Barrier Applications

permeable reactive barrier funnel gate

Funnel & Gate

Technology can also be utilized in concert with low permeability Vertical Barriers placed to direct groundwater flow through the permeable reactive barriers, commonly referred to as a “funnel and gate” system.

soil mixing zero-valent-iron

Zero Valent Iron

Reagents typically placed using permeable reactive barriers include zero valent iron (ZVI) as well as, activated carbon, peat moss and many other customized remedial agents.

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Technical Papers

There are many publications written by Geo-Solutions’ Staff and other industry leaders, which focus on detailed technical aspects of Permeable Reactive Barriers.

Current State of the Art Installation Techniques for the In-Situ Reactive Wall Groundwater Treatment Systems
thumbnail of 9_Permeable_Reactive_Barrier_Installation_by_the_Bio_Polymer_Method_Needham_MA
Permeable Reactive Barrier Installation by the Bio-Polymer Method Needham MA
thumbnail of 8_Geotechnical_Techniques_for_the_Construction_of_Reactive_Barriers
Geotechnical Techniques for the Construction of Reactive Barriers
thumbnail of 7_In_Situ_Reactive_Wall_Groundwater_Treatment_Systems
In-Situ Reactive Wall Groundwater Treatment Systems
thumbnail of 6_Funnel_and_Gate_Constructed_by_Slurry_Trench_Methods
Funnel and Gate Constructed by Slurry Trench Methods
thumbnail of 5_Permeable_Reactive_Barrier_Installation
Permeable Reactive Barrier Installation
thumbnail of 4_Installation_of_Permeable_Reactive_Barriers
Installation of Permeable Reactive Barriers
thumbnail of 3_Zero_Valent_Iron_PRB
Zero Valent Iron PRB
thumbnail of 2_First_Permeable_Reactive_Barrier_in_Italy
First Permeable Reactive Barrier in Italy
thumbnail of 1_Excavators_for_the_Emplacement_of_a_PRB
Excavators for the Emplacement of a PRB
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