Large Diameter Auger or Caisson Type Excavation

Large Diameter Auger (LDA) excavation is a method of excavation performed using caisson type drilling equipment.  Whether the hole needs to be cased or uncased, this form of excavation can be used to perform targeted excavation for removal of contaminated or impacted soil and groundwater.  This type of excavation is specifically well suited to small, tight sites where the impacted soil is located near a building or other sensitive structure or where conventional excavation would require considerable, site-wide shoring and dewatering.  Once the large diameter auger excavation is complete, the hole can be backfilled with aggregate, sand, reactive media, flowable fill, or another product manufactured onsite like cement-bentonite.  The excavations can be overlapped to ensure 100% removal of the targeted area.  LDA excavations can performed to 60+ ft deep almost independent of soil type and groundwater location.

Geo-Solutions has all the tools and equipment needed for LDA excavation, including the caisson type drill rigs, and personnel that are trained for work in active facilities and hazardous waste environments.

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Large Diameter Auger Excavation
Case Studies

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