Grouting is a means by which subsurface voids are filled with fluid mixtures.  Commonly the fluid mixtures used for grouting are made of cementitious materials mixed with water.  Grouting can be used for many application including fracture filling, i.e. permeation grouting, for arresting sinkhole development, and for stabilizing the subsurface for future construction.  Low mobility grouting can also be used to fill manmade structures like pipes, tunnels, or mine shafts, i.e. pipe or void grouting, and for ground improvement via compaction of soil, i.e. compaction grouting.  Finally, grout can be injected and mixed with the soils at high pressure for the formation of columnar elements of soil-grout, i.e. jet grouting.   

Commonly grouting involves the installation of a hollow casing to the depth of interest.  Once the casing has been installed, a grout is injected into the subsurface through the casing as the casing is simultaneously pulled out of the ground.  Grout is typically injected until a noticeable increase in pressure is achieved at the surface which indicates that all of the voids have been filled.

The principals of Geo-Solutions have been involved in the application of grouting to solve geotechnical and environmental construction problems since the late 1980s.  Geo-Solutions provides a range of innovative grouting techniques that can be performed as a stand-alone solution or used in conjunction with soil mixing or slurry trenching to address a variety of challenging subsurface conditions.

Grouting Applications

grouting dam grouting

Dam Grouting

Geo-Solutions employs the use of a computerized system for measuring and monitoring performance in dam foundation grouting projects including recording of: grout flow, pressures, permeability, grout take and mix designs.

grouting pipe grouting

Pipe Grouting

Geo-Solutions can provide all the supervision, labor, materials, equipment, and supplies needed for your next Pipe Grouting project.

grouting jet grouting

Jet Grouting

Geo-Solutions is no stranger to the stabilization activities needed when jet grouting cement columns and other services.

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Grouting Equipment and Sample Specs


Sample Specs

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Sample Spec Jet Grouting

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Technical Papers

There are many publications written by Geo-Solutions’ Staff and other industry leaders, which focus on detailed technical aspects of Grouting.

Successful Grout Curtain Installation Means and Methods
Pressure Grouting – A Multipurpose Solution for Dam Rehabilitation
thumbnail of 11_Soil_Nail_Excavation_Support
Soil Nail Excavation Support
thumbnail of 10_Jet_Grout_Excavation_Support
Jet Grout Excavation Support
thumbnail of 9_Flyash_Injection
Flyash Injection
thumbnail of 8_Grouting_to_Correct_Coal_Mine_Pollution
Grouting to Correct Coal Mine Pollution
thumbnail of 7_Flyash_to_Solve_Coal_Mine_Subsidence
Flyash to Solve Coal Mine Subsidence
thumbnail of 6_High_Volume_Grouting
High Volume Grouting
thumbnail of 5_Jet_Grouting_Soilcrete_Wall_Twin_System
Jet Grouting Soilcrete Wall Twin System
thumbnail of 4_Installation_Grout_Curtain_Landfil
Installation Grout Curtain Landfill
thumbnail of 3_Compaction_Grouting_Stops_Settlement_Water_Treatment_Plant
Compaction Grouting Stops Settlement Water Treatment Plant
thumbnail of 2_Stabilization_Using_Jet_Grouting
Stabilization Using Jet Grouting
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