Environmental Remediation and Cleanup

Environmental-Soil-Mixing-at-Former-MGP-SiteEnvironmental Remediation and Cleanup

As a specialty geoenvironmental contractor many of the sites that Geo-Solutions works on are environmental remediation sites.  Since Geo-Solutions specializes in slurry trenching and soil mixing, most of its sites include one of those technologies as a component of the remediation.  However, Geo-Solutions also performs work on general clean-up projects and performs other more general remediation work ancillary to its core technologies.  In addition to considerable experience with soil mixing and slurry trenching Geo-Solutions has experience with general site clean-up activities, including excavation, transportation and disposal, subsurface demolition, structure decommissioning, engineered shoring systems, dewatering, drainage channel construction, stream restoration, mulching, seeding, planting, etc.

Utilizing Geo-Solutions for your environmental remediation project will give you access to a wealth of experienced practioners that can rapidly and professionally bring your project to completion.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you on your next environmental remediation site.

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Environmental Remediation and Cleanup Case Studies

Southern US: Deep Soil Mixing

Deep Soil Mixing Pilot Study Excavator Bucket Mixing & Single Auger Deep Soil Mixing Southern US Significant Project Features: • Geotechnical ground improvement of low strength Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) with Portland cement to facilitate an Access Pathway and Work Platform on the ash delta. • In Situ Soil Stabilization (ISS) by means of bucket... read more
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Buffalo, NY: Operable Unit 2 Remediation

Significant Project Features: Continuous Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP) and erosion controls using best management practices (BMPs) throughout the duration of site activity Prior to starting ISS, GSI was required to clear the 31 acre site of all vegetation and remove any asphalt, construction debris, building materials, process piping and/or... read more
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Fort Wayne, IN: Large Diameter Auger Steam Stripping and ZVI Mixing

Significant Project Features:  Steam stripping with 9-foot diameter auger to depths of 16 feet below ground followed by soil mixing with zero-valent iron, both to treat TCE contamination in the site soils. Excavation, transport to the landfill, and backfilling of 17,000 tons Allu Rotary Tool In-Situ Stabilization to lock up... read more
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Warsaw, VA: Wood Preserver’s Remediation

Anticipated Soil Mixing Volume: 58,454 CY of soil up to 31 feet deep Description of Work: The principal purpose of the project was to use soil mixing techniques to stabilize and solidify soils that have been impacted by wood treating chemicals with a cement and water grout. The two soil mixing... read more
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Waukegan, IL: In-Situ Solidification of an MGP Site

Significant Project Features: Excavation of 102,000 CY of soil and debris Subsurface demolition and removal of MGP structures Pilot test In-situ solidification of 299,590 CY MGP impacted soil Site preparation and Waste Drum Consolidation Restoration, Backfill, Topsoil and Seeding gravel cover On-site management of materials and spoils Description of Work: The former... read more
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Homer, NY: Site Remediation at Former MGP Site

Significant Project Features: Excavation of 8,000 CY of overburden for reuse Subsurface demolition and removal of MGP structures Steel Sheet Pile Vertical Barrier Wall installation Utility removal and reinstallation In-situ solidification of 57,000 CY MGP impacted soil Field demonstration test Permitting Site preparation and clearing Installation of 45,000 SF of... read more
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