Bio-Polymer Trenches

Bio-Polymer Trenches – Over 40 Years of Experience

Geo-Solutions has years of experience with bio-polymer trenches and has completed numerous projects. Geo-Solutions implements long established and proven standard operating procedures and quality control procedures to ensure an efficient and quality installation.


  • cut-off and collection capability
  • greater depth capability
  • absence of de-watering
  • absence of open cut procedures
  • absence of workers in trenches

Bio-Polymer Trench Applications

bio-polymer trench collection trenches

Collection Trenches

In the need for bio-polymer collection trenches?  Geo-Solutions has the experience to help.

application feature composite systems

Composite Systems

Learn how the utilization of composite systems such as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liners can be installed to act as a collection trench.

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Sample Specifications on Bio-Polymer Trenches

The following are sample specifications for Slurry Walls. This is a unique resource for use by owners and engineers that find themselves faced with problems on their sites

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Sample Spec Bio-Polymer Trench Construction
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Technical Papers on Bio-Polymer Trenches

There are many publications written by Geo-Solutions’ Staff and other industry leaders, which focus on detailed technical aspects of Slurry Walls.

thumbnail of 9_Permeable_Reactive_Barrier_Installation_by_the_Bio_Polymer_Method_Needham_MA
Permeable Reactive Barrier Installation by the Bio-Polymer Method Needham MA
thumbnail of 6_Installation_of_a_Deep_Drainage_Trench
Installation of a Deep Drainage Trench
thumbnail of 5_Innovative_Slurry_Trench_Methods
Innovative Slurry Trench Methods
thumbnail of 3_A_Bio_Polymer_Drain_Solution
A Bio Polymer Drain Solution
thumbnail of 2_Innovative_Use_of_Bio_Polymers
Innovative Use of Bio Polymers
thumbnail of 1_Passive_NAPL_Barrier_Design_and_Construction
Passive NAPL Barrier Design and Construction
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