Willow Springs, IL: Geo-Trencher Dike Repair

Willow Springs, IL: Geo-Trencher Dike Repair

Project Description

services-geo-trencher-willow-springsSignificant Project Features:

  • Geo-Trencher
  • Limited work area
  • Expedited schedule


 This manmade reservoir covers 377 acres. it is used for recreational purposes including boating, fishing, and hiking.  The dike on the south side developed a leak through the berm which required repair.

Project Objectives:

Geo-Solutions was contracted to complete a small emergency repair in the dike using our Geo-Trencher.  The repair was accomplished by excavating and mixing a soil-bentonite wall to prevent the retained waters from seeping through the berm.

Description of Work:

Due to the limited width of the berm, the Geo-Trencher was the ideal piece of equipment for installation of the soil-bentonite wall for the emergency repair.  Geo-Solutions also mobilized directly from another jobsite, setup, installed the wall, and demobilized within a one week time frame.

Dry bentonite was loaded into a 3 foot deep pre-trench, with one 3,800 pound bag being dispensed every 20LF.  The trench was then flooded to eliminate dust generation from the dry bentonite.  The Geo-Trencher then excavated and mixed the soils with the bentonite and the water until an acceptable backfill consistency was achieved.  Multiple mixing strokes, where the boom and chain were swept back and forth through the backfill, were used to ensure a homogenous end result.  The trench backfill was left below the ground surface for final restoration by others.

Project Challenges

  • Very limited workpad width (less than 20 feet)
  • The client expressed desire to complete the job early August. Geo-Solutions mobilized directly from another job to complete requiring coordination of trucking, repairs, and staffing.
  • Limited site access in the form of a public access parking lot off the side of a two lane road. Geo-Solutions employed proper traffic control during mobilization and demobilization of the goose neck trailer and various flatbed trailers.
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