Whitefish Lake, Alberta, Canada: Former Municipal Wastewater Treatment Lagoon

Whitefish Lake, Alberta, Canada: Former Municipal Wastewater Treatment Lagoon

Project Description

Description of Work:

This project involved implementing soil mixing activities as part of a remedial action at the Goodfish Lake Former Municipal Waste Water Treatment Lagoon (the Lagoon) site in Goodfish Lake, Alberta. The intent of the in-situ soil mixing (ISSM) operations was to treat the chlorinated solvents (Perchloroethylene (PCE)) in the area of the Lagoon using in-situ chemical reduction with granular zero valent iron (ZVI) delivered via soil mixing.  Chlorinated solvents were used in the operation of the Goodfish Lake Former Drycleaning Plant, which was historically located to the north of the Site.  The Drycleaning Plant was demolished in 2008.  Historical activities at this adjacent property have resulted in measureable concentrations of chlorinated solvents in soil and groundwater beneath the footprint of the Lagoon and the surrounding area.

Geo-Solutions was subcontracted to perform soil mixing activities at the site.  For the construction effort, Geo-Solutions provided specialty equipment and materials including the Soil Mixing drill rig with a 2.4 meter (8 foot) diameter mixing tool, grout mixing plant, special in situ sampler, and all of the required bentonite materials.  Geo-Solutions was also responsible for quality control of the work and the operation of key specialty equipment.

The area targeted for remediation is approximately 1,180 square meters (M2). The treatment zone extended to a maximum depth of 8 meters.  The resulting treated volume was approximately 7,500 cubic meters.


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