Hammonton, NJ: Former Hammonton Manufactured Gas Plant Remedial Action

Hammonton, NJ: Former Hammonton Manufactured Gas Plant Remedial Action

Project Description

Significant Project Features:

  • Soil sample collection and bench scale study.
  • Field pilot test.
  • Odor, dust, and vapor collection equipment.
  • ISS Depths up to 66 feet below ground
  • In-situ solidification of 43,500 CY MGP impacted soil via large diameter auger mixing.

Description of Work:

The remedial action was performed under the New Jersey Department of Environmental Projection (NJDEP). The property was the former location of a Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP). Past MGP operations resulted impacts to the site soil and groundwater. The property is situated in close proximity to residents and local businesses, therefore controlling odor, dust and nuisances are of particular concern.

The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following: bench scale study, mobilization, batch plant preparation, field pilot test, relocation of the batch plant, and in situ solidification of 43,500 CY.
Geo-Solutions began mobilizing equipment to Hammonton, New Jersey in April of 2016 and completed the field pilot test up to 66 feet below ground surface (bgs). 3 multi column clusters or “cells” were performed for the pilot test. Geo-Solutions’ objective was to evaluate the bench scale mix designs in the field and in the most contaminated regions of the site. Wet grab samples were collected from each test column at the Engineer’s desired depth. The samples collected were tested for unconfined compressive strength, permeability, and Dean Stark method.

Geo-Solutions mirrored the pilot test and performed in-situ Solidification (ISS) utilizing the large diameter auger soil mixing method, to depths of up to 66 feet bgs.  Approximately 43,500 CY of soils were solidified in-place.  Geo-Solutions utilized two soil mixing rigs to meet the project schedule.  Geo-Solutions utilized one Steven Hain 450k T-3, crane mounted drill platform, in conjunction with a 200 ton Manitowoc crawler crane. Geo-Solutions’ secondary rig was a Casa Grande 360 XP track mounted drill rig. Two different auger configurations were utilized to manage the shallow and deep columns, a 10-foot auger and 8.5-foot auger respectively.  Due to the close proximity to residents and businesses, Geo-Solutions utilized vapor containment shrouds and vapor treatment systems with each ISS rig.services-in-situ-soil-stabilization-solidification-hammonton1-nj


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