Baltimore, MD: East Chase Street Jet Grouting

Baltimore, MD: East Chase Street Jet Grouting

Project Description

Description of Work:

Completed during the spring of 2003, the East Chase Street Excavation Support project involved the installation of jet-grouted beam walls around an area of damaged sanitary sewer line.  Beam walls were constructed by inserting steel beams into jet-grouted columns.  The beams were lowered into the freshly installed columns where they were held in place while the columns cure.  Once cured, the combination of beams and columns create a structure solid enough to allow excavation to take place in adjacent areas without the use of additional shoring or support systems.

Columns were constructed in this fashion and allowed to cure surrounding a defect in one of the largest sanitary sewer lines in Baltimore.  The interior of this structure was then excavated to expose this sewer line to its base some 22 feet below the street surface.  Geo-Solutions’ crews were then able to effect repairs to the sewer line, fully protected from excavation sidewall failure and the intrusion of groundwater.

The excavation was filled with controlled low strength material (CLSM) once repairs to the sewer line were complete. The project was completed with the restoration of asphaltic and concrete paving.

The project was completed successfully, on time and within budget.


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