Geo-Solutions takes quality very seriously. It has devoted significant resources to ensuring its plans and procedures setup for success and its personnel have the support needed.  At its heart, the quality control program is structured to ensure we do things the right way and document how it was done.

Almost all of Geo-Solutions’ projects have a devoted quality control person, an engineer or technician.  This individual is responsible for performing tests, tracking materials, monitoring activities, and documenting all of the above.  If no devoted QC person is assigned, the Superintendent serves this role. All of the information collected on a daily basis is summarized in a custom daily report.  The daily report includes backup sheets that were developed specifically for each technology and are further tailored for each jobsite.

Geo-Solutions’ quality control program is overseen by a Professional Engineer, the Vice President of Engineering.  The program is guided by the principles and practices outlined in Geo-Solutions’ Corporate Quality Manual. The Quality Manual defines the Operating Policies that guide Geo-Solutions’ quality system and includes specific procedures in Geo-Solutions’ Quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Inspection and Test Procedures (ITPs). The table of contents for each of these documents is available upon request.

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