Left-Field Loonies place 3rd at 2017 Red Bull Flugtag

left field loonies

Geo-Solutions (GSI) is a proud sponsor of a recent entry into the Red Bull Flugtag competition held in Pittsburgh, PA. This competition is held in several cities each year across the U.S. and the world. The competition requires teams to come up with creative, home-made flying machines that are launched 22 feet above water, to see who can fly the farthest (before crashing).

GSI was one of the sponsors of the Left Field Loonies team who placed 3rd in the overall competition. GSI’s V.P. of Engineering, Ken Andromalos, PE., DGE, was one of the team members. Ken used his geotechnical engineering skill sets to help design and build the flying machine.

The 1st place winner of the event consisted of a team of aeronautical engineers that designs planes for a living. The Loonies fared well against the aeronautical engineers and are confident that they would be no match against the Loonies in building a slurry wall 100 feet into the ground.

Congratulations to the Left Field Loonies for placing 3rd out of 37 total entries!

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