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industries oil gas whiting2-inGeo-Solutions has performed work on numerous environmental remediation and geotechnical improvement projects for major industry stakeholders in the energy, oil, and gas industries.  Much of Geo-Solutions’ work in these industries is repeat work as clients tend to continue to award work to Geo-Solutions for its strong safety and quality practices.

Geo-Solutions’ work in these industries has included work in active refineries, on remote spill sites, in decommissioned facilities, and at legacy sites.  Geo-Solutions values its strong relationships in these industries, working very hard to maintain existing and establish new ones.

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Energy, Oil & Gas Case Studies

Southern US: Deep Soil Mixing

Deep Soil Mixing Pilot Study Excavator Bucket Mixing & Single Auger Deep Soil Mixing Southern US Significant Project Features: • Geotechnical ground improvement of low strength Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) with Portland cement to facilitate an Access Pathway and Work Platform on the ash delta. • In Situ Soil Stabilization (ISS) by means of bucket... read more
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Coushatta, LA: Oxbow Mine Dewatering Cell #6

Significant Project Features: Soil Bentonite Slurry Wall 8,500 Linear Feet.  576,000 Square Feet.   Maximum of 82-feet deep Target Average Permeability of 1 x 10-7 cm/s Background: The Oxbow Mine is a surface lignite coal mine just west of the town of Coushatta, Louisiana. The Oxbow mine yields approximately 550,000 tons of... read more
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Brilliant, OH: Cardinal Plant – Fly Ash Reservoir II

  Significant Project Features: Installation of 1,630 linear feet of Cement-Bentonite Slurry Wall at a depth of 24 feet Description of Work: The project included the installation of a cement-bentonite (CB) slurry wall constructed through the centerline of a narrow Fly Ash Lagoon Dam. The cutoff wall was a minimum of 2 wide and... read more
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Greenfield, MA: Greenfield Remediation Project – Phase I

Remedial Construction: The remediation project involved the construction of 14,995 vertical square foot Soil/Cement Mix Barrier Wall to contain coal tar NAPL from potentially migrating into an adjacent river. Description of Work: Geo-Solutions was contracted by Berkshire Gas to perform remedial construction at the site of a former Manufactured Gas Plant... read more
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Oologah, OK: Northeastern 3 & 4 Station Fly Ash Landfill

Slurry Wall Dimensions: Slurry Wall 45,110 SF (2,200 LF), 2 feet wide, maximum depth of 30 feet Description of Work: This project consisted of the installation of a Slag-Cement-Bentonite (SCB) Slurry Wall at a Non- Hazardous Industrial Waste (NHIW) Landfill owned and operated by a utility company. The cutoff wall was installed... read more
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Smithland, KY: Slurry Wall Construction Hydroelectric Power Plant

Slurry Wall Dimensions: SCB wall: ~600,000 SF, 3800 feet long, 3 feet wide, maximum depth of 187 feet, average depth of 153 feet Description of Work: In 2010, American Municipal Power (AMP) began construction on the 2nd of five power plants being built adjacent to the Ohio River.  An integral part of... read more
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Aiken, SC: Groundwater Barrier Extension at the F-Area Seepage Basin

Significant Project Features: Extended the facility underground barrier system to control and contain potentially contaminated groundwater Completed the project on schedule and within the planned budget Background: This project required the extension of an in-place groundwater barrier system installed by the deep soil mixing method to control and contain tritium contaminated soils... read more
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Foster, KY: Meldahl Hydroelectric Project Slurry Wall

Significant Project Features: Cutoff wall for cofferdam construction 3,575 feet long wall installed using cement-bentonite slurry Pre-trenching completed to clear obstructions Installed to depths up to 80 feet using track-mounted hydraulic excavator Background: Geo-Solutions was contracted to install a Cement-Bentonite cutoff wall.  The cutoff wall was designed as part of the... read more
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Tifton, GA: Pilot-Scale Groundwater Remediation System

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions constructed a pilot-scale groundwater remediation system at the Marzone Superfund Site in Tifton, Georgia.  The system consists of a slurry wall, installed using the vibrated beam method, groundwater collection and distribution trench, and three concrete treatment reactors. The reactors contain a granular activated carbon used to remove... read more
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Philadelphia, PA: Sun Company – Philadelphia Refinery

Description of Work: This project consisted of constructing a HDPE Curtain Wall and Underdrain system.  The purpose for the HDPE Curtain Wall is to eliminate the off-site migration of NAPL from the Sun Company Philadelphia Refinery into the Schuykill River. A 2,100-foot HDPE Curtain Wall was installed along the river boundary, tying... read more
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Bartonville, IL: Pond Embankment Improvements

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions successfully completed pond embankment improvements at a plant for a client located in Bartonville, Illinois.  The pond embankments were part of the fly ash management program and were designed to minimize off-site seepage of process water.  The embankment improvements included installation of a cement-bentonite vertical barrier... read more
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Wellsville, NY: Sinclair Refinery Superfund Site

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions was the general contractor for the closure of an old refinery landfill located adjacent to the Genesee River in Wellsville, New York.  Project work included excavation of satellite waste, stabilization of waste in the landfill, construction of a soil-bentonite slurry wall around the site and construction of... read more
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Streator, IL: Former Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation

Significant Project Features Trench excavation through bedrock Rerouting of the Vermillion river via the utilization of a Port-a-dam Treatment of groundwater and river water Management of potentially contaminated site water Installation of collection trench well sumps and head end of permanent water treatment system Background Geo-Solutions completed this award winning project... read more
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Lima, OH: Soil Mix Barrier Wall

Significant Project Features: Treatability study to select reagents and optimize mix design for soil mix wall Install 875 lf soil mix barrier wall by the shallow soil mixing method Conducted field pilot program to evaluate candidate treatment alternatives for in-situ stabilization In-situ stabilization of 20,000 CY petroleum contaminated soils... read more
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Yarmouth, ME: Solidification of Fly Ash Material, W.F. Wyman Station

Description of Work: This project completed with the solidification of over 30,000 cubic-yards of fly ash.  The fly ash was generated as a byproduct of oil-fired electricity generation at a power plant operated by Central Maine Power Company in Yarmouth, Maine.  The area solidified is a 2.6-acre lagoon directly adjacent to... read more
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