Coal Combustion Residuals

industries coal combustion residuals tuscumbia1-alOver the years, coal-fired power plants have disposed of used coal ash in unconfined impoundments.  Coal combustion ash is the largest industrial waste by-product generated from burning coal in coal-fired power plants.  The power plant’s solution from preventing this waste from leaching into the ground water and migrating into water ways was to utilize reverse filters along the perimeters of the impoundments in an effort to trap the waste.  This method proved to be unsuccessful.

Geo-Solutions (GSI) is at the forefront of geotechnical construction and environmental remediation of projects involving residual wastes such as coal ash impoundments.  Depending on project specifications, area limitations, and challenges identified for the project, GSI is able to utilize one of the specialized technologies to aid in project objectives.

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Coal Combustion Residuals Case Studies

Southern US: Deep Soil Mixing

Deep Soil Mixing Pilot Study Excavator Bucket Mixing & Single Auger Deep Soil Mixing Southern US Significant Project Features: • Geotechnical ground improvement of low strength Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) with Portland cement to facilitate an Access Pathway and Work Platform on the ash delta. • In Situ Soil Stabilization (ISS) by means of bucket... read more
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Bartonville, IL: Pond Embankment Improvements

Description of Work: Geo-Solutions successfully completed pond embankment improvements at a plant for a client located in Bartonville, Illinois.  The pond embankments were part of the fly ash management program and were designed to minimize off-site seepage of process water.  The embankment improvements included installation of a cement-bentonite vertical barrier... read more
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Yarmouth, ME: Solidification of Fly Ash Material, W.F. Wyman Station

Description of Work: This project completed with the solidification of over 30,000 cubic-yards of fly ash.  The fly ash was generated as a byproduct of oil-fired electricity generation at a power plant operated by Central Maine Power Company in Yarmouth, Maine.  The area solidified is a 2.6-acre lagoon directly adjacent to... read more
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Georgetown, SC: Slurry Wall Construction, Winyah Generating Station

Description of Work: A cement-bentonite slurry wall was constructed at the Winyah Generating Station located in Georgetown, South Carolina.  The completed slurry wall was 6,998.5 square feet and was excavated to backhoe refusal between 45 and 47 feet below ground surface.  The purpose of the slurry wall was to stop an... read more
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Festus, MO: Ameren Rush Island Energy Center Ash Pond Slurry Wall

Significant Project Features: Soil Bentonite Slurry Wall 1,300 Linear Feet.  39,000 Square Feet.   Maximum of 30-feet deep Target Average Permeability of 1 x 10-7 cm/s Background: Rush Island Power Station is located near the southeastern limits of Jefferson County in Festus, Missouri. The plant is operated by Ameren Missouri. It was... read more
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Tuscumbia, AL: Ash Pond 4 Seismic Improvement Project

Significant Project Features: Soil Stabilization using Deep Soil Mixing Shear Walls installed at the toe of a coal ash impoundment 3,100 linear feet along the dike, maximum depth of 50 feet 150 Individual shear walls, each 30 to 40 feet long, variable spacing along dike Target UCS of 275... read more
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Labadie, MO: Labadie Slurry Cutoff Wall

Significant Project Features: Soil Bentonite Slurry Wall installed and backfilled using excavators 635 Linear Feet and a Total 18,595 Square Feet Excavated up to 30-feet deep Target Permeability of 1 x 10-6 cm/sec Background: The Ameren Missouri power plant is a coal burning complex just north of the town of Labadie, Missouri.... read more
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