Geo-Solutions gets SMART

Evading Canadian winter field work, Canada Geo-Solutions’ Regional Manager Pete Craig snuck into the Smart Methods in Advanced Remediation Technologies (SMART) seminar series in Toronto (January 26) and Ottawa (February 16) to present on cutting-edge Permeable/Passive Reactive Barrier (PRB) technologies and related installation methods, including biopolymer slurry trenching, soil mixing and the Geo-Trencher™ single pass continuous trenching machine. Pete’s presentation, “Passive (Aggressive) Barriers for Plume Remediation” focused on non-chlorinated compounds, pointing out practical approaches for contaminants as diverse as non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL – free product) and acid mine drainage.

For more information on SMART, visit its website:
For more information on PRBs and their installation – contact us at

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