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Slurry Mixers & Grout Mix Plant Equipment

Geo-Solutions designs and builds its own specialized grout mix plants. These come in various sizes and productive capacities. They can be used as slurry mixers, grout mixers and grout batch plants. Pictures of the various units are shown below:


Geo-Solutions Porta-Plant

This special trailer mounted mixing unit is ideal for small slurry wall projects using bagged bentonite materials. This porta-plant picture was taken at a project in Ashtabula, OH, which featured a slurry wall about 500 ft. long and 25 ft. deep to contain contaminated groundwater.


Special Geo-Solutions Slurry Mixers for Bio-Polymer Slurries

This mixer incorporates a special feed venture that proportions the dry materials and does an initial blend with water before the biopolymer slurry goes into the main mixing tank. The project where this picture was taken involved the construction of a toe drain at a dam in Utah.


Geo-Solutions Flash Mixer

Our flash mixers are high-production slurry mixers designed for larger jobs and bulk materials. At this site in North Arlington NJ, a large slurry wall to contain industrial landfill wastes was being constructed. Bulk bagged bentonite was proportioned through this venture-style mixer and stored and circulated in a large holding pond. This method allows for mixing a lot of bentonite slurry in a short amount of time.


Geo-Solutions Mine Grouting Plant and Pump

This is a medium-size grout mix plant that can be loaded directly with bulk materials like flyash as shown, or it can be fed by bagged or bulk material handling systems. This project was a shopping center site in Washington, IN.


Geo-Solutions Medium Grout Mix Plant with Bulk Silo

When large quantities of cementitious grout are needed, this would be a typical plant set-up. Grout mixers are mounted on a scale and the components of the mix are weighed as they are fed into the mixer, providing a very accurate ratio of materials.


Automated Grout Batch Plant

Geo-Solutions automated batch plant is specially designed for accurate proportioning of multiple grout ingredients. Ingredients are both weighed and monitored by flow meters. Proportioning is programmable and controlled by onboard computer. The plant is designed for soil mixing and jet grouting production requirements. In the picture shown, the plant is producing jet grout slurry for the construction of an underground barrier in Louisiana.

Equip-Slurry-7-Integrated-Slurry Mix Plant

Geo-Solutions Integrated Slurry Mix Plant

Geo-Solutions integrated slurry plant is specially designed for accurate proportioning on projects that require larger volumes of slurry or grout. Ingredients are monitored by sensors and controlled with density and flow meters. Production capabilities can be modified with modular components. On this cement-bentonite project near Ogden Utah, up to 1500 cy of a four ingredient slurry was produced each shift.


Vertical Silo

Geo-Solutions vertical silos store and proportion bulk materials such as cement or bentonite. These silos feature variable speed controls and vibrators that meter dry ingredients while discharging at a controlled rate. A top mounted baghouse controls and collects fugitive dust. In the picture, this silo was set up in Niagara Falls, NY to transfer more than 100 tons of cement per shift in pre-determined proportions into a grout mixer for placing more than 1,000 cy of grout per day.


Horizontal Silo

Geo-Solutions horizontal silos are designed for proportioning bulk ingredients on projects with more moderate production requirements. Silos are equipped with variable speed discharge augers and integral scales to weigh and meter bulk materials. The silo can be operated in either a continuous or batch mode. A side-mounted baghouse controls and collects fugitive dust. In the picture, this silo was a part of a medium grout plant producing cement grout for a in situ soil mixing project near Rochester, NY.


Supersack Silo

Geo-Solutions supersack silos are designed to receive dry materials from bulk bags (e.g. 4000# jumbo bags) then discharge the materials at a controlled rate. This type of silo can be advantageous when using bentonite clay or other additives that are economically packaged in bulk bags. The silos are equipped with integral scales to weigh bulk materials in either a batch or continuous discharge mode. In the picture, the supersack silo was set up for discharging bentonite clay on a grouting project near Pittsburgh, PA.

Geo-Solutions' slurry mixers, grout mixers and grout batch plants are all custom made, purpose built equipment and they represent the best and most accurate machines available for these purposes.

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