Health and Safety

Our Outstanding Health and Safety Record

Geo-Solutions Inc. is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees and of any other person who may be affected by our operations, at all of our sites and offices.

This commitment, from the very top of the business, has resulted in our excellent safety record. Choosing Geo-Solutions as your partner is the safer choice.

Geo-Solutions has successfully achieved an OSHA Recordable Rate of 0.0 for 7 out of the past 10 years!

We are extremely proud of our Health and Safety Record, Health and Safety Program and Standard Operating Procedures. The use of safe working practices and accident prevention techniques is a highly important responsibility of our management.

Health and Safety

Geo-Solutions commitment to Safety

Geo-Solutions Inc. is committed to the safety of its employees and compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, and ordinances throughout its operations.

Geo-Solutions utilizes a risk based / hazard identification approach as one of its primary principles in the administration of its safety program. The approach includes:

  • Development of Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Project Specific Task Hazard Analysis Development and Review
  • Job Site Safety Audits / Inspections
  • Employee Training
  • Stop Work Authority

Geo-Solutions’ site superintendents have overall responsibility for managing site safety on its projects. Geo-Solutions’ superintendents are matched to each job site / assignment according to their level of training, experience, and past performance for completing assignments in a safe, professional, and efficient manner. Geo-Solutions’ supervisors conduct tailgate safety meetings at the beginning of the workday to discuss site safety issues from previous workdays as well as potential areas of concern for the work ahead. All employees are empowered with no repercussions “stop work” authority to ensure a safe work environment.

From the standpoint of training, all of Geo-Solutions’ field staff have received a minimum of 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER training, current 8-hour updates, and are enrolled in a medical monitoring program with yearly physicals. Many on staff have received additional training including supervisory training, confined space, excavation safety, lifts and rigging, first aid, and radiological worker II training.

Geo-Solutions’ safety department is managed by a board certified safety professional (CSP) and is structured to assist line management with regulatory compliance and optimize safety performance. The safety department oversees safety program development and management, training, auditing (at all levels of the organization), and case management. Geo-Solutions’ safety staff is available to all employees and customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Geo-Solutions takes safety very seriously and is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for all of its workers, site visitors, and the public at large.

Geo-Solutions was presented a Bureau of Reclamation award for “” on the Watkins Dam Slurry Wall Project in Ogden, Utah.

Incident Prevention

All incidents have a root cause and it is Geo-Solutions’ objective to determine those causes, communicate them to the rest of the company through safety meetings, incident alerts, and other information that is disseminated throughout the company via electronic means and postings within the office. Most importantly, it is our policy to determine the root cause(s) and make the appropriate corrective actions and promote a safety culture development. Incident prevention must be instilled into our corporate safety culture and be seamlessly integrated it into our daily business practices.

Geo-Solutions is committed to achieving safe production. We believe in protecting the safety and health of our own employees and that of other personnel who may be impacted by our work. We also believe that production is not so urgent that we cannot take the time to do our work safely and strongly believe that safety, production and quality all work harmoniously and if one is impacted, typically the other two are as well.

One basic goal relative to the achievement of safe production is the prevention of injuries and illnesses, all of which we believe are preventable. To achieve this end, our activities are to be guided by the following doctrine:

  • Management has the responsibility for health and safety; and therefore, is responsible for preventing incidents from occurring.
  • Supervision must create a safe and healthy work environment, with assistance of appropriate personnel, safety and upper management setting the tone for our safety commitment.
  • Health and safety must be an integral part of Geo-Solutions’ operations; and, therefore, must be an equal priority in every business decision and operation.
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations is a job requirement on every project.
  • Every Geo-Solutions employee is responsible for fulfilling his duties in a safe manner and, therefore, safety is a job performance requirement for every such employee.
  • Most importantly, EVERY Geo-Solutions employee is empowered with safety and has Stop Work Authority if they feel they are working in an unsafe environment or don’t fully understand their task. This action will never result in any negative repercussions and will hopefully send the message that we want our employees to be aware of their surroundings and realize that “Safety Brings Us Home.”

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